Authors’ Guidelines

The journal publishes original scholarly submissions that make significant contribution to or bring new insights as regards the understanding, development and implementation of the law applicable in the region and beyond. Publishable contributions shall include articles, book reviews, case analysis, research works, summary of new legislations, educative court judgments, etc.  Research works to be submitted shall follow all procedures of a research. So, they must contain title, introduction, body, conclusion, footnote and references with clear and standardized languages. Sources used for writing should be properly referenced following bluebook citation styles.

 Size and page number of contributions shall be as follows:

  • Articles shall be written in MS Word, Times New Roman style, 1.5space, 12 Font size and within range of 15-30 pages for Afaan Oromoo; and 10-30 pages for English and Amharic. Case analysis and book reviews shall be 5-10 pages.
  • Footnotes shall be written in MS Word, Times New Roman styles and 10 Font size for Afaan Oromoo and English. The same is true for Amharic except that the font size shall be 9.
  • Page margins in all sides shall be 2 cm.


Publication of articles or other forms of contributions in the journal is free. The journal does not charge authors manuscript submission, processing or publishing fee.

Reviewers’ Guidelines

Contributions submitted to Oromia Law Journal should be assessed whether or not they have general quality of research paper, well referenced with sufficient sources, timely and able to solve practical problems.  Specifically, they should be reviewed against the following standards:

  1. Whether the content matches with title of the paper;
  2. Whether the core issues have been identified and sufficiently explained;
  • Whether the article has been presented coherently as specified in the introduction;
  1. Whether the article has directly shown solution for the indicated problem;
  2. Whether necessary issues have been incorporated and have been discussed without being too long or too short;

Whether it is free from tangible, spelling, and punctuation errors

Readers’ Guidelines

Oromia Law Journal is published annually in the fourth quarter, mainly between months of June and August. Full PDF’s are freely down loaded in the journal’s web site under back issues menu. Hardcopies are available at the publisher’s Headquarter, Adama, Oromia, Ethiopia, P.O. Box.1238